Due to the advent of Law number 13.709/2018 (General Person Data Protection Law) all people who process personal data for economic purpose must comply with the obligations set out in the Law.

This Law brought a real change in the culture of processing personal data in the country so that the Office became one of the pioneers in implementing the necessary acts for the client to comply with the legislation and developed a specific area for carrying out such theme.

Thus, the LGPD area develops any and all documents necessary for the company to be in compliance with the Law. However, the area adapts all client contracts, inserting, deleting or adapting documents. This area also provides consultative support to any and all customers who need to act in compliance with legislation, answering questionnaires during purchasing operations or presenting opinions. Among the necessary documents, the area provides services by preparing the following documents:

➢ Terms of use and privacy: the document seeks to formalize and regulate the company’s data processing policy.

➢ DPO appointment term: the document formalizes the appointment of the person in charge, as required by article 41 of the LGPD.

➢ Confidentiality and responsibility agreement aimed at personal data: the document allows the company to protect itself in case any employee does not follow the regulatory procedures for data processing.

➢ Image term: the document, signed by the employee or third parties, allows the company to process data based on the transmission of the person’s image.

➢ Security incident response: the document seeks to provide guidance on the correct procedure to be adopted in cases of security incidents.