The Corporate Law deals with the rules and regulations that govern a business company, how it operates and the dealings involving the beginning, life and closure of the companies. There are pacts that deals with the formation of the companies, from the elaboration of necessary documents for their creation, relationship, obligations and rights between the shareholders, to the management and control of daily operations, as well as, the rules of liquidation or extinction of the company.

The NMBM carries out strategical analysis to best recommend the corporate type to be adopted, the necessary contracts and studies related to the topic, considering national and international structures.

With the aim of clarifying the services provided, there are some examples following:

➢ Analysis of the Corporate Type and constitution of companies;

➢ Elaboration of Contracts and Social Studies;

➢ Elaboration of Shareholders’ Agreement;

➢ Legal Compliance with Commercial Boards, Administrative Council for Economial Defense (CADE), Central Bank, Department of Business Registration and Integration (DREI), Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and public bodies in general;

➢ Minutes of (i) Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting, (ii) Shareholders’ Meeting, (iii) Administration and Fiscal Council Meeting, (iv) Meeting of the Board of Directors, among others;

➢ Carrying out studies and opinion related to Corporate/Business Law;

➢ Corporate planning and organization with a business perspective;

➢ Elaborations and Structuring of Vesting and Stock Options Contracts;

➢ Corporate restructuring, such as mergers, total and partial splits, spin off and drop down of assets, under corporate and tax perspective.

➢ Structuring and legal monitoring of Investment Funds;

➢ Offshore corporate structural planning;

➢ Assistance with maintenance for companies outside Brazil;

➢ Judicial and extrajudicial recovery activities and planning;