Trademarks and patents are a type of element belonging to Intellectual Property that has an intimate relationship with everyday business life. Their records are essential for the protection of the intangible assets belonging to the company, considering that failure to register them with the responsible body may lead the company to have to reformulate its entire operations in the market.

Knowing this, the Office, through the Trademarks and Patents area, works by carrying out all necessary acts to guarantee the necessary protection for the trademark and patent holder with the National Institute of Industrial Property.

Among the acts carried out, the Office carries out trademark’s viability research, analyzes its suitability for the classes of product and services available, carries out the registration request and monitors, carrying out all necessary acts, the administrative procedure for granting registration. Due to the advent of Law number 13,709/2018 (General Personal Data Protection Law), all people who process personal data for economic purposes must comply with the obligations set out in the Law.