Operations involving the purchase and sale of equity interests are inherently complex and have several aspects that deserve detailed attention between the parties.
Involved Therefore, buyers and sellers need to be aware of the protection needs and adequacy of the transaction instruments to their security and protection of interests, such as the potential contingencies involved, payment format, guarantees, as well as the other consequences of the transaction.

NMBM has a team prepared to deal with all stages of operations of this nature, such as:

➢ Carrying out Due Diligence, involving all areas of law, such as: corporate, labor, tax, contractual, among others;

➢ Study of the best structure for corporate operations considering corporate and tax perspective;

➢ Structuring and preparing preparatory documents such as: Letters of Intent, Binding Offers, Term Sheet and others;

➢ Monitoring and carrying out due diligence (Due Diligence)

➢ Structuring and preparing Definitive Documents, such as: SPA, Quota Purchase and Sale Agreements, Purchase Options and Sales Rights, among others;