The NMBM works on structuring demands for new companies, startups and investment formats, involving greater and lesser risk.

Startups: are innovative companies that seek to grow quickly in a high potential market, generally based on technology. They tend to have an lean structure, with agile teams and focused on innovation and scalability.

Venture Capital: is a type of risky investment in companies with high potential of growth and appreciation. Venture Capital investors (known as “venture capitalists”) generally invests at startups and emerging companies, providing capital to help them grow and expand their business.

Private Equity: is a modality is a type of risk investment in established and matured companies. Private equity investors generally acquires a majority participation in consolidated companies and seek to maximize the value of those companies through management strategies such as restructuring, increasing efficiency, and geographic expansion.

As examples of the activities carried out, NMBM works with:

➢ Analysis of the best business model and business structuring;

➢ Constitution and elaboration of the company’s constituent documents, considering corporate, tax, contractual and other aspects;

➢ Study of forms of investment, considering the different types of investment;

➢ Elaboration and structuring of Investments’ Contracts, Purchase and Sale and Partnership models;

➢ Analysis and compliance with regulatory obligations;

➢ Analysis of tax issues, involving investment, purchase and sale operations;