Asset and succession planning is a set of legal strategies that aim to protect and preserve the assets of a person/family or company, aiming at the perpetuity of assets, ensuring the transmission of assets and rights in an efficient and safe way to future generations, including asset protection, tax analysis situations and succession formatting.

NMBM works with national and international wealth and succession planning.

As an example, some services provided by NMBM are presented:

➢ Study and preparation of wealth planning, observing equity and succession perspective;

➢ Analysis of efficiency in Planning, considering family, succession, patrimonial, tax and business aspects;

➢ Opening of family holdings, with preparation of constituent documents, Partner Agreements, Family Protocols and other documents that are necessary;

➢ Preparation of contracts and documents that govern family rules;

➢ Preparation of Wills;

➢ Study and preparation of Planning, considering tax bias, analysis of taxes involving income, donations and succession;