The Corporate Governance is a set of practices and rules that aim to improve company’s management, promoting greater transparency, equity, accountability, and corporate responsibility. It may include the creation of Administration Councils, the establishment of policies and guidelines for company management, the definition of decision-making processes and the implementation of internal control mechanisms.

The NMBM is ready to better structure corporate governance, with some forms of implementation, to adequate with the company’s necessities:

➢ Study of the business model and structuring of Partnership, whether Stock Option, Vetsing, Purchase and Sale or any other model elected;

➢ Elaboration of Contracts for the partnership model elected;

➢ Strategical snanlysis of business, considering the possibilities and risks involved;

➢ Sophisticated corporate structures;

➢ Study, elaboration and review of Company Codes of Conduct;

➢ Implementation of Reporting Channels and control bodies;

➢ Elaboration of Internal Policies and Regulations and other applicable documents;