NMBM maintains a specialized department dedicated to the drafting and review of contracts, encompassing all areas and sectors of the market.

Our contract-related services can be exemplified as follows:

➢ Situation Analysis and Study for Optimal Contractual Governance

➢ Elaboration and review of Complex Contracts (Corporate Contracts, Construction Contracts, including EPC, Asset Purchase and Sale Contracts, Real State Contracts for major works, Agricultural Contracts and others);

➢ Monitoring and management of Contracts, during the Contracts’ execution and the relationship, with the establishment of obligations and stages, including risks analysis and intermediary procedures to mitigate risks and resolve points during the execution;

➢ Elaboration and review of National and International Contracts;

Situation Analysis and Study for Optimal Contractual Governance:

➢ We conduct a thorough analysis of the situation and perform a study to determine the most suitable contract for governing the relationship.

Drafting and Review of Standard and Non-Standard Contracts:

➢ Our expertise extends to the meticulous drafting and review of both standard and non-standard contracts, including multidisciplinary contracts that span various legal domains.

Drafting and Review of Complex Contracts:

➢ This includes, but is not limited to, Corporate Contracts, Construction Contracts (including EPC), Purchase and Sale of Assets Contracts, Real Estate Contracts for large-scale projects, Agricultural Contracts, and others.

Contract Monitoring and Management:

➢ We provide comprehensive monitoring and management of contracts throughout their execution, establishing obligations and milestones. This involves risk analysis and intermediary procedures to mitigate risks and address issues during the execution phase.

Drafting and Review of National and International Contracts:

➢ Our services cover the meticulous drafting and review of both domestic and international contracts.

➢ Our commitment is to deliver precise, strategic, and comprehensive solutions in the preparation and management of contracts, addressing the diverse and complex needs of our clients across various legal domains.